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Faster Pay, Your Way

Instant, daily, on-demand—get set up with payout solutions that work for your business and your workers.
No Pre-funding
No large cash deposit or pre-funding required to push payouts.
More Choices
Choose from our variety of options that make it easier for workers to get paid faster.
Free for Business
Get no or low-cost options for your business and your workers.
Easy to Launch
Adopt instant payments without the heavy lift, no matter your technical expertise or timeline.

Instant payments for any workforce.

Faster payments is the #1 competitive benefit to improve hiring and worker loyalty.

More options for faster payouts

Whether you’re looking to make payouts within a few clicks or launch a customized payments experience, we’ve got an instant payments solution that meets your needs.
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Branch offer payment options for business, allowing you to setup direct payouts to workers preffered bank account via a debit card.
way to pay 1099 contractors and gig workers instantly after each job.

Contractors in control

Attract more independent contractors by offering instant payments and flexible access to earnings.
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Effortless W-2 pay

Boost retention by offering employees easier access to pay, whether through cashless tips, earned wage access, or a paycard alternative. No pre-funding or changes to payroll required.
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Branch offers businesses effortless ways to allow employees access to their pay, outside of the standard pay cycle.

The Everyday Worker's Wallet

See how faster pay powers people’s day-to-day lives, giving them more control over their finances.

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