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May 24, 2021

More Ways to Branch: Your Next Trip to the Gas Station

By now, you’ve probably mastered the variety of ways to use Branch at your nearby drugstore chain. But did you know that there are also a lot of ways Branch can make transactions more convenient at the gas station too? 

Next time you’re filling up at the pump or grabbing an icee, here are a few tips and tricks on how your Branch Card can make fueling up your next trip even easier.

Remove Those Pesky Gas Holds

Ever have money on your debit card but still get denied when you swipe at the gas pump? Oftentimes it’s because there’s a gas hold — a temporary minimum charge that gas stations place on a debit card or credit card until they can confirm how much gas you actually fill up. That minimum can range as low as a $1 or as much as a $100. So if you know you have at least $20 on a regular debit card, you still may get denied because the gas station charges a $50 gas hold minimum. And with the wrong debit card, you can even overdraft or have your debit card frozen.  

It can be difficult to guesstimate how much gas you’ll truly need and how much you’ll need to pay. But with the Branch Card, you can swipe freely with the amount you have on your wallet. If you've got $20 on Branch, the card will stop the pump at $20. Since Branch is built on real-time payments, we’re able to remove almost all holds and charge the actual amount you filled at the pump. For extra precision, you can also take your Branch Card inside to pay a specific amount with a station attendant.

Use Contactless Pay

Gas stations have upped their payments game by not only adding contactless payments to registers but also the pump. Available for when you’re going inside to pick up a beverage and outside when you’re fueling up, you can pay with your Branch Card using Apple Pay or Google Pay with a simple hover. It especially comes in handy if you’ve left your card at home or have a replacement card en route. 

Get More than Gas Money on the Go

Gas stations are also a convenient place to access any cash you might need. You can easily get cash back for free when making a purchase at the register (hellooooo snacks) or hit up one of Branch’s fee-free ATM options via Allpoint, which are conveniently located at a number of gas stations including Circle K, Speedway, and others. 
Now that you know just how easy it is to fuel up your tank and your wallet with the Branch Card, go (pump pump) pump it up with Branch! Have questions? Check out our support center or contact for questions.

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