Work, Earn, Repeat.

Branch Pay provides real-time earnings technology that gives your hourly employees instant access to their earned wages, helping to alleviate stress, increase engagement and ultimately decrease employee turnover.

Give your employees the peace of mind they deserve.

Financial stress kills productivity. Four out of every five employers report that employees' financial issues negatively impact job performance. Branch Pay is the first app to improve financial outcomes for your hourly employees:

Reduce Turnover
Optimize Staffing

Promote Financial Wellness

Provide employees with instant access to earnings, paycheck transparency and budgeting tools to improve their financial health.

Scale Labor in Real-Time

Increase Coverage Rates

Incentivize your employees to pick up open shifts across company locations by providing instant access to earnings.


Reduce Turnover

Employees who use Branch Pay are more engaged and less likely to turnover at their current place of work.

Reduce Turnover

Built for enterprise control.

At Branch we work with the world's largest employers. These experiences allow us to build solutions that are built for the enterprise: scalable, compliant and secure.

Optimize Staffing

Easy Set Up

The Branch mobile app is easy to use for employees and seamless to implement for employers.

Scale Labor in Real-Time

No Payroll or Tax Implications

Branch carries the financial load so there is no pre-funding payroll, tax implications or need for constructive receipt.


Compliant in all 50 States

Our Rules Engine is customized for payroll, scheduling and hourly worker legislation across all 50 states.

Learn what Branch Pay can do for your employees.