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so, how do we make money?

Every time you spend using your Branch debit card, the merchant pays a fee (interchange) to MasterCard and the issuing bank. They share the fee with us. This allows us to offer our product for free to our users.







Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have I bank account?

If you already have a bank account you can still use Branch. You can transfer money from your Branch wallet to another bank account at any time.

Can I use Branch with a pay card?

You sure can. If you're not using the Branch debit card you can also transfer funds to an employer issued pay card.

What if my employer is not on Branch? 

You can use Branch independently of your employer signing up. With that said, if your employer does sign up with Branch it unlocks new features like earning additional income by picking up extra shifts, and higher advance limits. If you're enjoying Branch and you think your employer might be interested, drop us a note at

Why am I on a waitlist for the Branch debit card? 

We want to make sure you have an awesome experience with the Branch card, so we're letting people in on a rolling basis.