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The old way of paying people isn't working anymore.

2-week Payday :(
  • The Old Way
  • With Branch
  • Paper checks and paycards
  • Free digital banking
  • Cash flow management
  • Cashless payments
  • Time-intensive payroll
  • Fast, streamlined payroll
  • Cash tips and bank trips
  • Instant digital tips
  • 2-week pay cycle
  • Free earned wage access

Upgrade to modernized employer payments technology

With Branch, businesses streamline existing payroll processes, save money, and provide faster payments and free digital banking to their employees—no pre-funding or capital required.

  • Instant tips + disbursements

    Instantly send digital tips or mileage reimbursement to employees after each shift.
    Same-day Digital Tips ›
  • Built-in EWA

    Grant employees access to a portion of their earned wages ahead of time if needed.
    Instantly Pay Employees ›
  • Paycard and paper check replacement

    Slash the cost and hassle of issuing paper checks and managing paycards.
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  • Gig Workers + 1099s

    Pay gig workers and freelancers as soon as the job is done.
    Instant Contractor Pay ›

Branch Benefits

Improved Cashflow

Stop struggling with cash flow logistics and switch to contactless, cashless payments—no pre-funding required.

Quick Setup

We provide multiple options to complement your existing system so you can get up and running fast without any heavy lifting.

Great Support

Our U.S-based support is here to automate the process for you so there aren’t payroll changes needed on your end.


Our employer-based offering is SOC-2 compliant and adheres to the CFPB’s advisory opinion on earned wage access.

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