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Free Employer-to-Employee Payments

EWA can Increase Retention Rates by 37%

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Upgrade to modernized employer payments technology

With Branch, businesses streamline existing payroll processes, save money, and provide faster payments and free digital banking to their employees—no pre-funding or capital required.

  • Instant tips + disbursements

    Instantly send digital tips or mileage reimbursement to employees after each shift.
    Same-day Digital Tips ›
  • Built-in EWA

    Grant employees access to a portion of their earned wages ahead of time if needed.
    Instantly Pay Employees ›
  • Paycard and paper check replacement

    Slash the cost and hassle of issuing paper checks and managing paycards.
    Get Branch Card ›
  • Gig Workers + 1099s

    Pay gig workers and freelancers as soon as the job is done—no charge per payout.
    Instant Contractor Pay ›

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Because of our partnership with UKG and other leading platforms, getting set up is fast, easy, and seamless. We’re here to remove the administrative burden from you and get you up and running as quickly as possible—at no cost to you or your employees.

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We pride ourselves on being flexible, free, and fast. That’s why we help you get up and running quickly—no heavy lifting required on your part.

Best-In-Class Support

We work with your unique needs to solve your biggest business challenges. And our U.S.-based support is available whenever you need us.
“Having the ability to unlock Earned Wage Access and offer a paycard alternative all in one platform is the future.”
Bill Taylor
Partner Alliance Manager, UKG
The future of employer-to-employee payments is here.

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