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Helping businesses offer accelerated pay and digital wallets to empower their workers.
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Offer same-day payments to 1099 Contractors.

  • Push payments to contractors whenever you want—even same-day
  • Contractors can then move, spend, and save their money in the Wallet
  • Allows for visibility into total earnings before cashing out
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Multiple ways to instantly pay your employees.

  • Earned Wage Access, with zero fees
  • Cashless digital tips or mileage reimbursement
  • Other off-cycle payments like last-day pay or bonuses
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Deliver the faster payment tools your customers want.

  • Cashless tips, one-off payments, and digital reimbursements
  • Paycard alternative + fee-free banking
  • Earned wage access
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The #1 benefit to improve hiring and worker loyalty.

Join over 500+ companies accelerating payments to working Americans.

Upgrade to modernized employer payments technology

With Branch, businesses streamline processes, save money, and provide faster payments
and free digital banking to employees—no pre-funding or capital required.

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Improved Cash Flow

Stop struggling with cash flow logistics and switch to contactless, cashless payments—no pre-funding required.

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We provide multiple options to complement your existing system so you can get up and running fast without any heavy lifting.

Great Support

Our U.S-based support is here to automate the process for you so there aren’t payroll changes needed on your end.


Our employer-based offering is SOC-2 compliant and adheres to the CFPB’s advisory opinion on earned wage access.

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