We come to work every day to help solve the challenges faced by America's 78 million hourly workers and redefine the future of work. We do this by building innovative, simple to use technology solutions that positively impact the lives of the people we work for.

We value the diversity that each of our team members provide, but we also look for a few common traits in everyone that we hire at Branch. These common traits define not only what we do at Branch, but how we do it.
Atif Siddiqi Founder/CEO
Common Traits
Seek to understand markets, customers, trends, and new technology.
Challenge assumptions and take risks on big ideas.
Understand the importance of failure and how to respond to it.
Ability to distill down complex problems and situations.
Courage to ask and answer tough questions.
Have the ability to recognize the value in those around you.
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See Branch for Restaurants in action:

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Complete UI kit
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Complete UI kit
View Style Guide
Complete UI kit
View Style Guide
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Built-In EWA is just the start

EWA is our bread and butter—but that’s just where we begin. Branch also comes with a free digital wallet and debit card your employees can use on Day 1. And with our real-time payments technology, you can push off-cycle payments to their accounts whenever you like.

  • Digital Spending Ready on Day 1

    Employees get immediate access to a free digital wallet and debit card without overdraft or late fees—helping unbanked or underbanked employees grow financially.
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  • Direct Deposit options

    Replace paper checks and paycards and switch to a fast and free digital solution.
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  • Easy Off-cycle Payments

    In addition to EWA, Branch lets you instantly send off-cycle payments to employee accounts such as rewards/bonuses, last day paychecks, or reimbursements for company expenses.
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  • Financial Literacy and Budget planning

    Our CashFlow tool gives employees an at-a-glance view of spending and alerts them to upcoming bills, so they’re never caught off guard and can better manage expenses.
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Branch allows you to push funds to employees instantly:

  • Tips + gratuities
  • Hourly wages
  • Reimbursements (Mileage, expenses, etc.)
  • Last Day / Final Paycheck
  • Rewards + Bonuses
Change is Here

The old way of paying people isn't working anymore.

2-week Payday :(
  • The Old Way
  • With Branch
  • Putting tips on their next paycheck
  • Digital tips after each shift
  • Waiting 2 weeks for wages
  • Free earned wage access
  • Time-intensive payroll
  • Fast, streamlined payroll
  • Cash flow management
  • Cashless payments
  • Paper checks and paycards
  • Free digital banking