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Our Mission

What do we do?

Connect you to new people.

We are the first application uniting nearby individuals with common ideals. There has never been a better way to satisfy your intrinsic desire to share freely. With privacy in mind, we designed the safest and most comfortable online environment ever.
Now, communities can join together in a whole new way.

About Branch

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    Express yourself freely and connect with other likeminded individuals around you.
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    Use our innovative messaging interface to build a comfortable relationship with your new "branches."
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    Reveal your personal canvas and begin building your shared canvas and establishing memories.
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    Meet and hang out in person because life's true value lies within real world interactions.
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Communities come together here. Our anonymous
text and media-sharing environment consists
of the most relevant information at any time
or place. Choose to interact with other posts
that resonate with you. Wherever you are,
submit a post about what’s on your mind -
you never know who might Branch out to you!

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Whether it’s discovering new places
or informing yourself on local activities,
locally defined spots allow you to do this.
With the community sharing its experiences,
you can see what people are saying
in the most relevant way possible. Whether
the library, the stadium, or your favorite weekend spot-
if it's happening, it's happening on Branch!

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Want all of your conversations organized in
one place? Our clean and simple interface
makes communicating with others more enjoyable
and exciting than ever. Converse with
your current friends or initiate the first step
of real world interactions with likeminded
individuals. Our innovative “swipe” feature showcases
relevant photos, messages, and memories side by side.

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This is who you are - with a philosophy to
express your innerself, a few images to express
your outerself, and a canvas photo to bring
both together, this simple design captures
a true snapshot of who you are. See which
chats you are in with someone else, or see
the memories you've set aside so you always
have your most cherished moments right in your pocket.

Our Team, Our Focus

Who are we?

We are developers, businessmen, and marketers. Yet, fundamentally, Branch is a team focused on a common goal to change the way communities listen, unite, and share.

Branch's team is doing this in a way you can trust, saving you the worry so you can spend your time discovering the individuals that make your community your home.

To provide an atmosphere where individuals are encouraged to share freely, Branch creates a seamless and comfortable transition from neighbor to friend. The environment within the application allows a flow of content, and within this, naturally abrasive users will attempt to take advantage. Simply hold a post for a brief moment, and three options will appear: Branch, Reply, and Block. Don't shy away from the block button - that's what keeps Branch safe! Block the users who are making you uncomfortable and you'll never see their posts again. If a user is blocked several times in a short period of time, they receive a single warning to motivate them to provide better content. Following this, Branch instills a "two strikes, you're out" system. Branch requires each phone number to be verified to prevent users from making another account once they have been banished. This prevents spam, cyber bullying, and inappropiate content from flooding the public geostreams.

Everything posted in "Branch" or "Spots" is encrypted and remains confidential. A user shares their identity only after revealing their 'canvas' within a private chat. You can post freely, for everyone around to see, without worrying that they know it's you. If you want to hint about yourself, use the "Name" tag that's just a simple arrow click away - or use it to give your post context. Only when a user is misusing the application to propose harm will anyone know who they are until they reveal themselves in a more intimate chat.

In light of social networks being hacked - and, more importantly, user's having their personal information compromised - Branch has set a new standard of security. Utilizing hashing techniques, encryptions, and salting, Branch assures its users that they can trust Branch more than any other social network. How? Branch cares so genuinely about it's users, the development team designed it's own security measure to supplement the existing ones - the team wants to brag about it, but it's better if the methods are a secret. Once all these measures are inacted, not even the head developers can access one's password. You can never be too safe!

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send an email to

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