Data Sharing Consent

Uber Data Sharing Agreement

By checking this box, I understand that I am agreeing to Branch sharing certain debit card transactional data (collectively referred to as my “Covered Data”) with Uber Freight to provide motor carriers with this service.  I understand that Covered Data includes all data points associated with my debit card transactions, including but not limited to my USDOT number, the last four digits of my Branch-Uber Freight business debit card (my “Debit Card”), the date, time, geographical location, amount spent, quantity of items purchased, item description, and the merchant’s name where I made my purchase. I also understand that Covered Data does not include any other information that I shared when opening my account with Branch and Evolve Bank, such as the account holder’s social security number, date of birth, ID card numbers, passport number, or my motor carrier’s full sixteen digit card number or account number.

I consent to allow Uber Freight and its affiliates and partners to use the Covered Data so it can provide certain services including customer service, ensuring I receive the appropriate fuel rewards offered by Uber Freight and participating providers, improving the Uber Freight’s app and its products, research and development, and for any other purpose permitted under applicable law.  I hereby grant to Uber Freight a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, worldwide, fully-paid up, royalty-free and revocable license to the Covered Data to use, distribute, reproduce, display, perform, copy, modify, and create derivative works based upon the Covered Data.  Uber Freight may share such Covered Data with third parties in accordance with its publicly available Uber Freight Privacy Notice, as it may be updated from time to time in accordance with its terms, which is currently located here and is incorporated herein by reference.  I understand that Uber Freight will retain the Covered Data in accordance with the Uber Freight Privacy Notice.

Branch or Uber Freight may occasionally update your consent to Uber Freight sharing and using the Covered Data. If we make significant changes, we will notify users in advance of the changes through the Branch app or through other means, such as email. We encourage users to periodically review this notice for the latest information on our privacy practices.  Thirty days after you receive notice of any update, your continued use of the Debit Card will be deemed as your affirmative consent to the update as if you had re-checked the box, to the extent permitted by law.