Uber Settlement

Opt-In & Fuel Program Terms

By [checking this box], I, on behalf of the Carrier (which is defined as the motor carrier completing this form), authorize Uber Freight LLC (“Uber Freight”) to make payments to the Carrier within two hours of submitting a POD and the POD being approved by Uber Freight (hereafter referred to as “2-hour settlements”).  As a Carrier Representative, I acknowledge that the terms of the Broker / Motor Carrier Agreement govern my relationship with Uber Freight. In addition:

  • I authorize Uber Freight to deposit any money owed to the Carrier into the Carrier’s bank account with Evolve Bank and Trust (my “Evolve Account”) and linked to my Debit Card.
  • I understand that the Carrier is eligible for 2-hour settlements provided that the Carrier currently has ACH payment as its primary payment method with Uber Freight. 
  • If I or anyone else at the Carrier previously instructed Uber Freight to pay all monies owed to the Carrier to a third-party factoring company (my “Factoring Company”), I understand and am responsible for obtaining a Notice of Release from my Factoring Company in order for my settlement method to be changed to 2-hour settlements.

As a Carrier Representative, I also acknowledge the following terms govern my participation in the fuel discount program (the “Fuel Program):

  • I understand that the Carrier may or may not participate in the Fuel Program in its sole direction, that the Fuel Program is free to me as part of the Debit Card, and that no fuel purchases are required at any time.
  • The Fuel Program will provide me with a per-gallon discount on the fuel that I purchase at participating Love’s fuel stations, as well as other fuel stations that may be added in the future.  The discount will be issued in the form of cash-back that is credited back to my Evolve Account and linked to my Debit Card within about fourteen days of my fuel purchase. Once the cash-back fuel reward is deposited into my Evolve Account, I am able to transfer the funds as I see fit subject to any Evolve Bank requirements, and the cash-back fuel reward does not expire. 
  • Uber Freight reserves the right to cancel the Carrier’s participation in the Fuel Program at any time, for any reason, and without notice.
  • Uber Freight, Branch, Evolve and the participating fuel stations also reserve the right to modify or terminate the Fuel Program at any time and without notice.
  • The Fuel Program is not valid where prohibited by law.
  • To report a lost or stolen Debit Card, or to report a fuel discount short pay, please contact help@branchapp.com. Uber Freight is not responsible for lost or stolen Debit Cards or the payment amounts issued to Carriers for participating fuel purchases. If UF or Branch identify a fuel rewards short payment discrepancy, then Branch will issue a correction as soon as practicable.

The Uber Freight Plus Program terms and conditions apply, located here, are incorporated herein.

Last updated: September 21, 2021