Expense Card Terms

Evolve Bank & Trust - Expense Card Terms

In order to track and manage business expenses, you are able to add authorized users (“Expense Card User”) to your Branch Business Account by providing an expense debit card (“Expense Card”). Expense Card Users can use your Branch Business Account subject to the terms and conditions of the Branch Business Deposit Agreement and Branch Business Card Terms, and other limitations you may place, such as spending limits. By adding an Expense Card User, you are responsible for his/her use of your Branch Business Account, including paying for any charges made by an Expense Card User.

Expense Card Users will be authorized users with equal charging privileges, based on the individual spending limits you establish for them. You agree that an Expense Card User can have access to limited Branch Business Account information, including a history of transactions made on the Expense Card and spending limits. You are responsible for managing and maintaining spending limits for Expense Card Users and for repaying all balances on your Branch Business Account. All correspondence, including statements and notifications, will be sent to you as the owner of the Branch Business Account. By adding an Expense Card User, you represent all information provided is accurate and is for persons with which you have a relationship. You will instruct Expense Card Users that the Expense Card shall be used for business purposes only and shall not be treated as a consumer card under the provisions of applicable state and federal law. You agree to inform all Expense Card Users that the Expense Card shall not be used for consumer purposes.

When you no longer wish to permit an Expense Card User access to your Branch Business Account, you agree to promptly notify us that you have revoked authorization and have taken all necessary steps to lock Expense Card Users from further use, through the Branch app. Branch has the discretion to remove an Expense Card User from your Branch Business Account at any time for any reason as permitted by applicable law.

Last updated: January 27, 2022