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April 22, 2021

3 Ways to Make Paying Workers More Eco-Friendly

At Branch, we’ve made a concerted effort to be as eco-friendly as possible—with our employees, in our (virtual) office(s), and through our offerings. And this Earth Day, we’ve decided to share some of what we’ve learned and implemented. Check out our surprisingly easy ways to make your payroll processes more environmentally friendly, not just on Earth Day, but every day. (Spoiler alert: you can do these all with Branch—for free).

1. Eliminate Paper Checks

As Branch’s VP of Product Ahmed Siddiqui pointed out in Hospitality Technology, creating and distributing a check to just one employee is not just costly, but also uses a lot of paper and resources. It can cost as much as $4-$6 per paper check for just one employee, and depending on the number of workers receiving paper checks, that can add up to thousands of dollars and pounds of paper wasted each pay period. 

And it’s not just about the paper used for the check itself -- businesses also need to pay for envelopes and delivery, whether that’s through the mail or couriers to store locations. Digital payments allow businesses to eliminate the costs associated with purchasing and distributing paper checks, in addition to offering a more eco-friendly way to pay.

2. Provide Accessible Direct Deposit

While the vast majority of employers tend to pay their employees via direct deposit, many industries, including restaurant and hospitality, still have many unbanked or underbanked employees. Traditional bank accounts are often associated with a lot of barriers (and paperwork!) that make it more difficult for workers to sign up, whether it’s tedious KYC processes, minimum account balances, or maintenance and overdraft fees. By providing a free, easy to set up option for direct deposit, your employees will not only have a faster, easier way to receive their pay, but also eliminate the waste associated with traditional account set-up.  

3. Offer Mobile-first, Greener Paycards

Not all cards and plastic are created equal. Consider selecting a provider that delivers a mobile-first offering. Available on Apple Pay or Google Pay upon sign up, the Branch Card is immediately accessible to users without having to wait for a physical card. Users have the option to request a card to be mailed to them. Plus, Branch partners with companies like Mastercard and Marqeta who are pushing efforts to reduce the use of plastic in payments and issue cards with recycled plastic.

Seems pretty simple, right? By adding Branch, you not only upgrade your payroll process, but also help the environment along the way—not just on Earth Day. We call that a win-win scenario. 

Learn more about how Branch helps businesses modernize payroll, while reducing costs and eliminating paper. 

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