Workforce trends and benefits are changing quickly—we’re here to help.

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Branch Report: Healthcare
Unveiling what matters most to healthcare hourly heroes.
Books & Guides
The Employer's Guide to Accelerated Pay
Find out how to choose the best pay frequency to help your staff and your business thrive.
Branch Report 2023
Dive into our latest report examining the financial, work, and lifestyle priorities of today’s hourly workers.
Books & Guides
How To Attract and Retain Gen Z Workers
Gen Z workers are hard to get on board, with high expectations from their employers and themselves. Here’s how to attract your future workforce.
Branch × Tippy Beauty & Wellness Trends Report
Discover how beauty and wellness industry professionals view today’s tipping trends, the rise of digital payments, and how tips impact their financial security and habits.
Books & Guides
The Ultimate Guide to Paying Out Tips
Tipping practices have changed drastically over the past few years; find out which method suits your business needs with The Ultimate Guide to Paying Out Tips.
Books & Guides
Guide to Retention in Healthcare
High turnover can impact the quality of care and stability of healthcare organizations. Learn strategies for improving healthcare worker retention with this ultimate guide.
Branch x Marqeta 2023 Gig Payments Report
Get ahead of the game with the 2023 Gig Payments Report. Download the report to gain insights into the wants and needs of 1,000+ surveyed gig workers.