On-demand pay for healthcare workers

Attract and retain more workers with free instant payments—including earned wage access (EWA), 1099 contractor payouts, per diems, stipends, bonuses, and more.

The benefits of faster payments

  • Boost attraction and retention
    Earned Wage Access and other on-demand pay options can increase retention rates by as much as 37%—and workers are 2x as likely to apply for a job if they're offered.
  • Gain a competitive advantage
    Faster access to wages helps you stand out from the pack when applicants are weighing their options for job opportunities.
  • Change lives without changing payroll
    On-demand pay helps employees deal with unexpected expenses and avoid late fees, without requiring pre-funding or changes to payroll for you.

On-demand pay can increase
retention rates by 37%

Offer the benefits healthcare workers are demanding in today's market.

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Financial wellness for healthcare heroes

Deliver the benefits of fast, flexible payments and free digital banking to your entire workforce with our
free healthcare worker payment app. Branch works with hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare staffing,
travel nursing, and healthcare organizations of any variety.

  • Free on-demand pay

    Grant employees access to a portion of their earned wages ahead of time if needed for unexpected expenses.
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  • Direct deposit options

    Replace paper checks and paycards and switch to a fast and easy digital solution.
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  • Pay 1099 contractors

    Pay contractors and freelancers as soon as the job is done—no charge per payout.
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Getting set up is fast, easy and seamless.

Because of our partnerships with leading technology platforms, getting started is a breeze. We’re here to remove the administrative burden from you and get you up and running as quickly as possible—at no cost to you or your employees.
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Quick set up
We pride ourselves on being flexible, free, and fast. That’s why we help you get up and running quickly—no heavy lifting required.
Best-in-class support
We work with your unique needs to solve your biggest business challenges. And our U.S.-based support is available whenever you need.
“Branch has certainly saved us money...it's just a good experience the whole way around.”
Anthony Miller
Director of Operations, StaffHealth
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Branch Report: Healthcare

Branch Report: Healthcare

Unveiling what matters most to hourly healthcare workers.

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4 Reasons to Prioritize Faster Pay for Healthcare Workers

4 Reasons to Prioritize Faster Pay for Healthcare Workers

September 19, 2023

Future of Payments


Read how a leading per diem healthcare staffing agency saved time, hassle, and $5k a month by switching to Branch.

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The future of employer-to-employee payments is here.

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