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Attract and retain more healthcare workers with Branch Instant Pay—no-hassle, CFPB-compliant Earned Wage Access that gives employees a free benefit that improves their lives.
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A free, simple way to improve the lives of healthcare workers

  • Boost attraction and retention
    It’s expensive to replace employees, and turnover in healthcare is higher than ever. Offer a key benefit that keeps you fully staffed: Earned Wage Access (EWA) can increase retention rates by as much as 37%, and applicants are 2x more likely to apply if EWA is offered.
  • Gain a competitive advantage
    The traditional two-week pay cycle doesn't work for many people—including the 78% of hourly workers who are living paycheck to paycheck. Branch helps you stand out from the pack when people are facing burnout and are more apt than ever to switch jobs.
  • Change lives without changing your payroll
    Free, faster access to wages enables employees to better pay bills on time, reduce fees, and deal with emergencies, which can be life-changing. Branch requires no pre-funding or changes to your existing payroll process—simply add-on Branch for free.

EWA can Increase Retention Rates by 37%

Retaining healthcare workers is harder than ever. You need a free benefit that will instantly impact their lives. Earned wage access allows you to do just that—while requiring no cost or additional payroll setup from you.

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Upgrade to modernized employer payments technology

With Branch, businesses streamline existing payroll processes, save money, and provide faster payments and free digital banking to their employees—no pre-funding or capital required.

  • Built-in EWA

    Grant employees access to a portion of their earned wages ahead of time if needed.
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  • Paycard and paper check replacement

    Slash the cost and hassle of issuing paper checks and managing paycards.
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  • Pay 1099 contractors

    Pay contractors and freelancers as soon as the job is done—no charge per payout.
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Getting setup is fast, easy and seamless.

Because of our partnerships with leading technology platforms, getting started is a breeze. We’re here to remove the administrative burden from you and get you up and running as quickly as possible—at no cost to you or your employees.
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Quick Setup
We pride ourselves on being flexible, free, and fast. That’s why we help you get up and running quickly—no heavy lifting required on your part.
Best-in-Class Support
We work with your unique needs to solve your biggest business challenges. And our U.S.-based support is available whenever you need us.
“Having the ability to unlock Earned Wage Access and offer a paycard alternative all in one platform is the future.”
Bill Taylor
Partner Alliance Manager, UKG
The future of employer-to-employee payments is here.

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