August 12, 2021

Branch + DDI: Offering Same-Day Payouts for Contractors

Branch is excited to announce our new partnership with last-mile labor solution Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI).  Together, we're helping more independent contractors receive same-day payouts—even on nights and weekends. Instant access to payouts helps driver-partners improve their cash flow, which is crucial in allowing them to reinvest in themselves as small businesses.

Branch x DDI

Contractors can access funds through their Branch Wallet or by using a physical Branch Card. They can also link their Branch Wallet to Apple Pay or Google Pay on their smartphone for contactless, digital payments wherever they go. With the growing demand for last-mile delivery, helping contractors get faster access to payouts and providing more convenient, digital solutions is an industry game-changer.

About Delivery Drivers, Inc.

Delivery Drivers Inc (DDI) was founded in 1996 and is a third-party administrator with a singular focus: to bring Human Resource and Driver Management solutions for business owners operating with independent contractors. DDI’s mission is to serve, provide advocacy and leadership to independent contractors in the global gig economy. DDI’s business model helps companies find and onboard top-quality independent contractors and assist with accounting and tax services—all while providing compliance and legal expertise.

Learn more about our partnership with DDI here.

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