February 23, 2023

Branch x Gratuity Solutions: Easy and Accurate Tip Pooling + Digital Payouts

In just a few short years, how we tip has rapidly evolved. Customers are not only shifting away from cash to digital tips, but tips are now frequently being shared, or “pooled,” amongst workers. While these changes have benefited workers and offered more convenience to the customer tip process, businesses are struggling to keep up. 

Without cash entering your business, how do you tip out your employees? How can you quickly and easily split tips across 20 different employees who clocked in and out at different times—and pay them out on the same day, all while not disrupting business operations? Luckily, there’s now a solution.

Branch and Gratuity Solutions are thrilled to announce that we have partnered together to make the process of tipping out restaurant workers faster and easier than ever before. This integration enables restaurant workers to receive tips digitally and instantly, even when tips are pooled or split between staff.

Through an innovative, direct integration between Branch and Gratuity Solution’s Payday Portal, any type of restaurant—from small independent locations to multi-unit franchisees—can now seamlessly collect tips, automatically calculate and allocate them between workers, and pay out their staff digitally, all within a matter of minutes. 

Flexible, intelligent platform capabilities and settings allow any organization to run unique shift schedules, set tip-out percentages, and automatically calculate tips at the end of each shift. From there, you can instantly and digitally push tips to employees—guaranteeing your employees are paid the proper amount at the end of each day. With Branch and Gratuity Solutions, the transition from cash tips to digital tips is seamless for both businesses and their workers.

Businesses that have embraced the new integration have already seen immediate benefits.

“The combination of Branch and Gratuity Solutions has worked like a charm. We pride ourselves on paying people every day[…] This solution has allowed us to get our employees paid accurately daily, mitigate errors, and save between 40 minutes and 2 hours of management time daily” - CJ Dimino, Director of Operations, Hop City Craft Beer & Wine

Ditch the outdated spreadsheets and cash flow headaches and save time, money, and stress on the tipping process. Instead, spend valuable resources where it matters most—making your customer and employee experience the best it can be. 

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