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January 26, 2021

Getting Started with an Employer Payments Platform

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Getting started with an EPP: What you can expect

When we created Branch’s EPP, we knew we wanted to give our partners something that was fast, flexible, and free. We also pride ourselves on offering certain features we consider paramount to a smooth set up for you—and a seamless onboarding process for your business customers. Here are a few things you can expect if you partner with Branch’s EPP.

Fast and easy set up

We move quickly.

We designed our EPP in order to save you from the hassle of creating your own solution in-house; that’s why getting started with our EPP requires no heavy lifting on your part. We’ll get you up and running quickly so you can start delivering an immediate value add to your customers. We’re also committed to constantly evolving our offering in order to keep you competitive, with no additional action or changes required from you.

Flexible use

Modern APIs. No-code, low-code widgets.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and constantly adapting to meet our technology partners’ unique needs. That’s why we work with you to determine what will best serve your business customers. For example, we know that different technology partners service different customers, and this will dictate what they want and expect from our platform. Here are two different use cases to give you an idea of Branch’s different capabilities:

  • With one technology partner, we enabled their business customers to instantly create bank accounts for new employees, and Branch sends back Direct Deposit & routing numbers…
  • With another, their quick serve restaurant customers can now instantly push digital tip payouts to a Branch Card, which acts like a debit card for employees. They can start getting paid on day one, with no overdraft or other unnecessary banking fees standing in their way.

These are just a few use cases, but the point is that we built our EPP to be flexible enough to cater to your specific needs. You have access to our entire suite of digital solutions, but what you’d like to implement is up to you.  And because user experience is everything, you can either go with our modern API structure for an easily embeddable experience, or have no-code, low-code widgets. 

Free for all

A no-cost option for partners, customers, and their employees.

We’re not only a free solution for you, but also your customers and their employees. From the start, we’ve been passionate about bringing free and fair financial services to more working Americans. With the launch of our EPP, our commitment to this practice is unchanged. We’ve aligned our business model with the interest of our users, and now you can, too. 

The future of payments

Think back to five years ago, when terms like contactless payments, earned wage access, digital payouts, and mobile-first banking were relatively unknown. As we continue on in this decade, so too will the continual evolution of how we get paid and pay others. There have been many early signals already with these changes, and the creation of the Branch EPP is the next step in this democratized future of payments. Now is the time to bring your clients the next generation of employee payments. 

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