August 5, 2021

The 2021 Branch Report: Workers Seek Higher Wages, Career Mobility and Stability

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Research for this year’s Branch Report came in the midst of a tight labor market, with the demand of hourly workers reaching an all-time high. An ever-evolving pandemic has meant that hourly workers have needed to continue to navigate and respond to challenges in real-time, becoming essential to every business. Now, as the economy recovers and businesses renew hiring efforts, employers have started to respond to worker needs and concerns more seriously—from raising wages to offering new perks. But what will truly resonate with workers?

Our report takes a holistic look at the lives of hourly workers to better understand how their needs and preferences are evolving.

The 2021 Branch Report examines the financial, work, and lifestyle interests of today’s hourly workforce. Surveying more than 3,000 employees across a variety of sectors including retail, restaurants, and healthcare, the report evaluates what this demographic values in their financial, professional, and personal lives. We hope these findings shed light on the deskless workforce and expand your understanding of today’s hourly worker. 

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