June 3, 2020

Rebuilding in Minneapolis

Branch has been headquartered in Minneapolis since 2016. It’s where many of us call home. The murder of George Floyd and unrest have left our community saddened, frustrated, and angry. They’ve also shed light on the need to actively address the systemic injustices that black people, indigenous people, and people of color have faced in this country and continue to face. 

Our company’s vision has long been to help make financial services and technology more accessible for all people. The work we do stems from our belief in greater inclusion and equality that we need to drive right here in Minneapolis. 

Fighting injustice begins with asking ourselves tough questions and showing up for our BIPOC community members, partners, users, and friends to let them know we are committed for the long haul. We’re pledging alongside other local Minneapolis-based start-ups and organizations to take meaningful action, internally and externally. Supporting local organizations helping small businesses rebuild. Analyzing our own equity policies and practices. That’s just a start. 

We realize addressing these issues is an ongoing effort, one that will be challenging and imperfect, but we want to pledge our commitment to continuous action. We look forward to learning, listening, and helping our communities change for the better.

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