Financial Wellness
October 27, 2020

How Much Money Can Branch Save You? Use This Calculator to Find Out

When you want to start a new employee initiative or benefit, you need to come equipped with data to back up your decision. How much money will this new initiative save your company? What’s the ROI? We’ve got you covered.

We created a simple way to calculate how much money using Branch could save your organization AND your employees.

How to use the calculator

1. To use the calculator, enter in:

  • How often you run payroll
  • How many paper checks you process each payroll run
  • What your total employee roster is

2. Using the average cost of cutting paper checks, monthly service and minimum balance fees, and overdraft fees, we calculate how much money switching to Branch can save you and your employees.

3. You’ll be emailed a full report on the detailed numbers you can expect to save.

How Branch works

Unlike traditional financial services, Branch eliminates paper check costs and paycard fees. We give your employees a Branch Card and checking account that is 100% fee-free, meaning they won’t be hit with bogus fees that keep them in a cycle of debt. We also use a way of moving money faster that allows you to pay your employees instantly after each shift. Payouts like tips, mileage reimbursement, and other disbursements can be available immediately after each shift, making life easier for you and your employees.

Simplifying payroll + eliminating costly paper checks or paycards = savings for you and your employees.

Why is it important to calculate ROI?

We believe in the power of the win-win. Something that’s inherently good for your employees can also be inherently good for your bottom line. To show this in action, you need to come equipped with numbers, whether you’re presenting this idea to other company stakeholders or you simply want it for your own peace of mind.

At Branch, we’re proud to be free, 0% fee, and 100% beneficial to both your company and the people who power it. Ready to learn how much Branch can save you?

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