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August 9, 2018

What does a full service implementation look like with today's technology?

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What does a full-service implementation look like with today's technology?

Planning, implementing, and maintaining a new technology in a company isn’t as difficult as it used to be. After doing several implementations for major companies across the U.S., we discovered that they were consistently surprised by the ease in which our application was able to be rolled out company-wide. We thought we should share some of our insights and tips into how full-service implementations are changing with today’s technology.

Use Existing Materials for Implementation

Corporate guides require internal efforts for creation and management, which requires extra time and money. They can delay a rollout if they aren’t ready at the same time the partner is ready to implement. Also, they might not be able to predict and address FAQs as well as a partner who has more experience rolling out their own solution. Partner-provided materials, while not necessarily company branded or in the company’s voice, may allow your company to implement a solution quicker and more efficiently, saving you time and hassle. Also, the quicker and easier you make a new solution to use, the more likely the solution will be broadly adopted and continually used in the long-run.

Know Your Champions

When you have determined who your stakeholders are, you can determine who your champions are. Champions might be managers or they could be team members. They are the people who, upon initially learning about the application, believe the new way is better than the old way. Oftentimes, they are the ones who initially tell management or corporate about the solution and how and why it would benefit the company. These employees can help to drive adoption of the application with their team and throughout the company. Initially calling out during implementation to team members that these individuals are there to help is a crucial component of a successful rollout.


It is important to give employees a great experience the moment they learn about the new application. It is table stakes for all applications to have email and phone support. However, having a dynamic application that allows teams to message, email or even video chat support teams is critical to a successful implementation. Teams should not need to wait on hold or sit behind a computer to open a ticket. Having innovative support solutions in place ensures that employees will have their questions answered quickly. A dynamic app that has FAQ’s and knowledge built in should be items to look at for successful implementation. Also, the introduction of chatbots are an important piece to meeting the team where they are and giving them a frictionless onboarding experience. The quicker an employee gets their question answered, the more likely they are to continue using the application.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

And successful rollouts don’t happen within the first week. Companies have fluctuating business needs to consider. Product updates should also be considered. In “Legacyland”, these updates would come quarterly. It is very costly if your organization doesn’t have a great plan on how to sustain a rollout. Change management is very important as you think about sustainability of an application. By having a good plan, good implementation, and a good way to maintain the application, you’ll bring value to your organization and end-users that will help your business grow.


The Branch Way

At Branch, implementation and maintenance is simple. Would you believe that we can rollout our app to an entire company in under one week? Our full-service implementation and maintenance process allows us to do so. We use innovative tools to reach our clients through traditional and non-traditional ways. Our enterprise clients receive “how to get started” cards to hand out to their employees and share in break rooms. A chatbot answers any onboarding questions and ensures that the teams get started quickly. Team members can download and log onto the Branch app and learn how to use it without instruction from management. Product updates are easy and free with Branch. We are able to keep all users on the most current version of the app through automatic updates. We also provide email and phone support for users.

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