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January 26, 2021

Who Needs an EPP?

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So who needs this platform? And what can it do for them? An Employer Payments Platform can benefit you, your business customers, and their employees in different ways. Let’s explore how an EPP works at each of these levels.

Technology partners

An EPP offers partners like you an easily embeddable solution that helps you stay competitive and offer more to your business customers in an increasingly competitive world. What kind of technology partners can benefit? EPPs are the right choice for innovative partners in the following spaces:

  • Workforce Management platforms
  • Brokers
  • Data Polling platforms
  • Payroll systems
  • POS systems
  • 1099/gig economy platforms

An EPP is optimized for each partners’ unique data and needs, making it the right choice for a variety of industries. Overall, EPPs are also right for partners who are looking to solve the following problems:

1. Need a faster, more reliable way to move money

Your business customers are looking for modernized payments technology that can rise to meet the challenges of the future. The biggest concern on everyone’s mind? How to pay employees in a faster, more secure way. You want to be able to deliver a technology solution that can achieve fast, digital payments in a reliable manner.

2. Want to create a value-add for their customers so they can stay ahead of the competition

The demand for an embedded digital banking feature, earned wage access, and other offerings is only continuing to grow. By partnering with an EPP, you can give your customers a fast, flexible, and free solution that provides things like:

  • Digital tips
  • Reimbursements and other one-off payments
  • Fee-free banking
  • Earned wage access, and more.

Staying competitive in your space means always looking for ways to meet your customers’ needs and finding ways to solve their problems. The demand to modernize payments technologies is a tremendous opportunity to provide a value-add to your customers in the form of a holistic, all-in-one payments solution.

3. Don’t have the bandwidth to create their own on-demand solution

When you think of building your own solution, the time, money, and support it would take to build something in-house is staggering. You’re being pushed to decide between building your own solution and finding a partner that can provide EWA and digital banking as a value add. An Employer Payments Platform can deliver all of this to your customers with an easily embeddable offering—without requiring you to create something yourself. 


An Employer Payments Platform gives companies a faster, easier way to pay people and empower employees. From manufacturing and healthcare companies to retail, food service, and more, virtually any industry can use and implement an EPP. EPPs are the right choice for employers who:

1. Want to update outdated payroll processes

Many business owners or HR administrators know that paper checks and paycards aren’t efficient. They’re sick of making trips to the bank to get change for tips. They understand the costs of paper checks to their business, and the costs of paycards to their employees in the way of unnecessary fees and unfair banking practices. But many people don’t have the time to evaluate a new solution that will eliminate these time-intensive and costly factors.

2. Are sick of cash flow management issues

With traditional payroll processes, if there’s not enough money in the till, employees don’t get paid, and business owners or HR personnel are left struggling to deal with cash flow logistics and people demanding to be paid. They want to eliminate these cash flow headaches and upgrade to something more streamlined that fits into the current world of cashless and contactless payments.

3. Need ways to attract and retain employees in a tight labor market

Employers recognize the demand for on-demand pay is growing among employees. People are fed up with the two-week pay cycle; they want better benefits and a way to get out of the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. In order to retain talent and stay competitive, this is something businesses need to seriously consider: EWA and faster pay are no longer nice-to-haves, they’re must-haves.

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