Meet the New Demands of Manufacturing Workers—For Free

Improve cash flow for your workers without adding another line item to your budget.

Build a Better Payday for Manufacturing Workers

Meet the needs of the modern manufacturing workforce with our free suite of financial tools. Free earned wage access and digital banking from Branch gets manufacturing workers back in the door—and builds loyalty—without spending a dime.

  • Wage satisfaction
    Employees are happier when they have instant access to the money they’ve already earned—and less likely to come to you asking for a wage increase.
  • Reduced turnover expenses
    Branch allows you to hire faster and retain more which can lower your costs to backfill positions.
  • Fee reduction
    Paycard and ACH paper checks are costing your company every pay period; eliminate unnecessary fees and costs by switching to a free payments alternative.

Job applicants are 2x more likely to apply for a job if earned wage access is offered.*

*Based on average from sample of existing Branch customers

Faster Pay to Fuel Your Workforce

From earned wage access to other quick and easy payment tools, we offer a full suite of free offerings that integrate easily into your existing payroll software:

  • Earned wage access

    Grant employees access to a portion of their earned wages ahead of time if needed for unexpected expenses. 
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  • Digital banking ready Day 1

    Replace paper checks and paycards and switch to a free digital wallet and debit card for your workforce. It comes with zero overdraft or late fees—and digital spending is ready on Day 1.
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  • Budget planning

    Give employees an at-a-glance view of spending and alert them to upcoming bills so they can better manage expenses.
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Start paying people Day 1

Businesses boast about how quickly we can get up and running. (And how awesome our dedicated support staff is.)
Move as fast as you want
We manage the entire implementation process for you and create flexible onboarding plans that can be up and running as soon as you‘re ready.
Best-in-class support
Our fast and responsive U.S.-based support is available whenever you need to help you solve any business challenge, big or small.
“Branch makes it easy and seamless to implement. You’re in such good hands from Day 1.”
Tricia D.
Small-Business, Co-CEO
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