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86 the wait for wages and tips by serving up faster payments with Branch.
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The old way of paying people isn't working anymore.

2-week Payday :(
  • The Old Way
  • With Branch
  • Putting tips on their next paycheck
  • Digital tips after each shift
  • Waiting 2 weeks for wages
  • Free earned wage access
  • Time-intensive payroll
  • Fast, streamlined payroll
  • Cash flow management
  • Cashless payments
  • Paper checks and paycards
  • Free digital banking

Branch allows you to push funds to employees instantly:

  • Tips + gratuities
  • Hourly wages
  • Reimbursements (Mileage, expenses, etc.)
  • Last Day / Final Paycheck
  • Rewards + Bonuses
Attract & retain more talent

Reduce turnover by up to 15%

Upgrade to real-time payments

Streamline payroll processes, save money, and provide faster payments and free digital banking to your employees—
no pre-funding or capital required.

  • Tips + Mileage

    Automatically tip out employees (or reimburse them for miles driven) after each shift.
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  • Earned Wage Access

    Allow employees to access up to 50% of their hourly wages ahead of payday at no cost.
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  • Beyond a Paycard

    Empower your employees with an industry defying paycard — without the fees.
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We’re here to remove the administrative burden from you and get you up and running as quickly as possible.
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“Our customers are seeing a greater need to not only get employees paid faster, but to remove the costs of live checks. With Branch, there is finally a way that’s easy, integrated, and best of all—free."
Dan Jacobs
The future of employer-to-employee payments is here.

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