Deliver faster payments to transportation and logistic workers

Instant settlements for truck drivers, carriers, and more

The benefits of fast and free payments

  • Save time and money
    Eliminate the cost and hassle of paper checks and ACH payments by switching to real-time payments. Send bulk or individual payments to drivers any time—at no cost.
  • Attract and retain more drivers
    The #1 benefit requested by transportation and logistic workers? Faster access to earnings. Get more job applicants and build loyalty with the perks of faster pay.
  • Streamline 1099 compliance and reporting
    We generate a W-9 form at the time of onboarding, track cumulative contractor earnings, and issue 1099-NEC forms to you and your workers when necessary.
Attract & retain more talent

Faster access to earnings can reduce turnover by up to 15%

Faster pay for those who are always on time

With Branch’s real-time payments technology, you can give workers
instant access to their pay and free digital banking.

  • Free digital disbursements

    Instantly push wages and other earnings into driver accounts for free—any time, any day. 
    Learn more about digital disbursements ›
  • Digital spending ready on Day 1

    Give your drivers a fee-free mobile wallet and Branch debit card that’s ready to go on Day 1 for gas, mileage, or other per diems.
    Get Branch Card ›
  • Last-mile delivery solution

    Last-mile delivery drivers and other contractors are a growing group who demand a faster way to get paid. Pay them as soon as delivery is complete—no charge per payout.
    Learn more about Instant Contractor Pay ›

Set up is fast, easy, and seamless.

Businesses boast about how quick we can get up and running and our dedicated support staff.
Move as fast as you want
We manage the entire implementation process for you and create flexible onboarding plans that can be up and running as soon as you‘re ready.
Best-in-class support
Our fast and responsive U.S.-based support is available whenever you need to help you solve any business challenge, big or small.
“Branch makes it easy and seamless to implement. You’re in such good hands from Day 1.”
Tricia D.
Small-Business, Co-CEO
Ready to go beyond the paycheck?

See Branch for Trucking + Logistics Companies in action:

Boosting Employee Retention and Engagement in Transportation and Logistics

Boosting Employee Retention and Engagement in Transportation and Logistics

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