WORKFORCE Payments Platform

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Atif, Branch CEO
Join over 500+ organizations accelerating payments to working Americans.
WORKFORCE Payments Platform

Your system + Our Platform = Accelerated Payments.

Our platform isn’t a one-trick pony. It sends digital tip payouts to delivery drivers after their shifts. It provides earned wage access to hourly workers when they need it. It moves money faster for gig and 1099 workers, allowing them to get paid on day one.

And your customers? They get to offer fee-free digital banking to their entire roster of employees—all while eliminating cash flow headaches—for free.
  • Digital tip payouts
  • Automated disbursements
  • Faster Direct Deposit
  • Earned wage access
  • Fee-free digital banking
  • Instant debit cards
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“We're thrilled to be partnering with Branch to give hourly workers safe, easy access to the wages they've earned.”
Matt Macinnis
COO, Rippling
“Branch is a perfect complement to UKG solutions. Having the ability to unlock Earned Wage Access, push instant reimbursements, and offer a paycard alternative all in one platform is the future.”
Bill Taylor
Partner Alliance Manager, UKG
“Our customers are seeing a greater need to not only get employees paid faster, but to remove the costs of live checks. With the Branch EPP, there is finally a way that’s easy, integrated, and best of all, free.
Dan Jacobs

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Partner Spotlight

Rippling is now offering its customers an integrated paycard alternative.

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Developer Docs

Find information for integrating with Branch and our API endpoints.

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The future of payments—at your fingertips.

Offer an instant value-add to your business customers by helping them modernize their payments technologies.
  • Embedded digital banking
  • Instant value-add to offer customers
  • Open APIs or low-code, no-code widgets
  • Continuous UX within your platform
  • Boosts revenue and reduces costs