Branch x Marqeta 2023 Gig Payments Report

Work and payments in the gig economy today.

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Get ahead of the game with the 2023 Gig Payments Report. Download the report to gain insights into the wants and needs of 1,000+ surveyed gig workers.
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Branch x Marqeta 2023 Gig Payments Report

Get ahead of the game with the 2023 Gig Payments Report. Download the report to gain insights into the wants and needs of 1,000+ surveyed gig workers.
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From gig to full-time…

When we conducted our first report in 2021, the pandemic had accelerated the ongoing growth of the gig economy. During that time, most workers had turned to the gig economy to supplement their incomes. But just two years later, the majority now look to gig work as the primary source of their income.

The growth of the gig economy has evolved incredibly quickly, making it increasingly important to understand how platform and payments preferences among workers continue to shift. This year’s report highlights just how much has evolved in the last two years, with more workers shifting from just one to at least two platforms to pick up work and leaving full-time employment for the gig economy.

Surveying over 1,000 gig workers and independent contractors across industries, our 3rd annual Branch x Marqeta Gig Payments Report dives deeper into issues that continue to remain top of mind for workers including inflation, speed of payments, and financial resilience. New for this report is a generational look at the gig economy including how workers across various demographics view the gig economy, why they turn to certain platforms for work, and what makes them stay.

Key Findings

Platform Insights

  • Among workers surveyed, 61% cited that they complete gig work for their primary income, nearly a 3x increase from 2021, where 21% of those surveyed said the same. 
  • The number of workers who have left, or plan to leave, full-time employment to join the gig economy increased by 40%, rising from 35% in 2022 to 49% in 2023.
  • More than half (55%) of workers feel like they have more opportunities to pick up work this year compared to last year, and 66% of surveyed workers find it easy to pick up gig work. 


  • Almost two-thirds (63%) of those surveyed said they’re picking up more gig shifts due to inflation and higher prices. 
  • Workers cited gas (85%), groceries (80%), and utilities (45%) as the top price increases that have impacted them the most in the past six months.
  • Fifty-three percent of workers feel more financially resilient to economic changes because of their gig work, and nearly half (49%) of those surveyed think their economic prospects are higher as a gig worker compared to working a salaried job. 


  • When asked about top financial concerns, surveyed gig workers ranked home/rent affordability at the top of the list (73%), followed by utility bills (61%), groceries (57%), and auto expenses/transportation (47%). 
  • The number of gig workers surveyed that have $0 saved in case of emergency rose to 37% this year, up from 31% a year ago. Millennial gig workers in particular are feeling the pinch, with 41% having $0 saved. 

Payments Preferences

  • Nearly 80% cite that they’d choose one gig platform over another if it could pay instantly without fees.
  • Gig workers are among the growing demographic embracing digital wallets and financial services, with the majority (65%) confident enough to leave their physical wallets at home and rely on their phones for payments.
  • Over one-third of gig workers (34%) have turned to an online or digital bank for their primary banking services. They’re also open to more options: 83% cite they’re interested or would be open to financial services offered from the gig platforms they work with.

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