Back to School & Childcare for the Hourly Workforce

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A look at the unique challenges parents who work hourly face this fall.

Back to School & Childcare for the Hourly Workforce

A look at the unique challenges parents who work hourly face this fall.

Even before COVID-19, working Americans were struggling. The average hourly worker has been living paycheck to paycheck for quite some time—and the current economic climate has only exacerbated this insecurity. It’s hard enough dealing with potential hour reductions or furloughs, but when you’re a working parent you have additional economic pressure to face.

Both salaried and hourly working parents have already undergone so much this year with remote learning in the spring and continue to navigate the challenges and uncertainties around back to school this fall. But hourly workers are typically offered fewer benefits and resources through their place of work. They’re also at a greater risk of losing income due to closures or lost hours.

To better understand how back to school has impacted parents within the hourly workforce, we conducted a survey of over 2,000 parents who are hourly workers and the unique burdens they’re experiencing at this moment in time. Having to forego daycare or switch to remote learning for kids has meant many parents face the choice of looking after their children or keeping their job.

Findings include:
  • Remote Learning is a Given: About 77% of hourly working parents hourly workers (76.6%) expect their children to participate in some sort of remote learning experience this fall, with nearly half in full-time remote learning (47.2%)
  • Expected Decrease in Hours, Work Performance: Over 80 percent of hourly workers expect to lose a significant amount of income due to lack of childcare or in-person learning.
  • Moms Most Impacted: Most hourly workers expect the mother (61.5%) in their households to bear the responsibilities around remote learning. If they had to, over 80% of female hourly workers expect to quit their jobs to supervise their children.

Check out the blog for an overview or enter your information to download the full report.

What's in the report?

The results of our survey of over 2,000 parents, we look at the unique challenges parents, who are also in the hourly workforce, are facing this Fall.