How Earned Wage Access Is Solving the Hiring Crisis

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Empower your workers with impactful financial wellness.

Branch offers a mobile digital wallet for working Americans. An on-demand hub that helps them meet their everyday financial needs, our app allows any employee to receive money, manage their cash flow, and spend anywhere – all from their smartphone.

Pay Your Employees Instantly
Make Tips & Mileage Reimbursement Easier
Provide a Risk-Free
Banking Experience
All for FREE with Branch!
Learn how EWA can be your secret weapon to attract and retain talent.
Earned Wage Access

Learn how EWA can be your secret weapon to attract and retain talent.
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In today’s labor market, you need to stand out from the competition in order to attract (and retain)workers. But constantly offering pay increases or one-off bonuses may not be feasible.

Enter: Earned wage access or “EWA.” A free tool that allows workers to access a portion
 of their earned wages ahead of time if needed.

The best part? Your company benefits, too. Businesses that offer financial wellness benefits like EWA can cut turnover by 25% or more, and 60% of workers reported being more likely to stay at a job if their employer offered financial benefits.

EWA has the power to change people’s lives—and by offering it to your employees, you become the catalyst.

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