Paycard Red Flags: Why NOW is the time to break up with your paycard provider

November 19th, 2020 - 1:00PM CST

About the Webinar

It's time.

Time to move on from paycards and traditional payroll practices. 

Time to say goodbye to fees. Time to stop spending money on cutting paper checks. And time to break up with paycards that are just more management hassle for you.

Now is the time to switch to a seamless, fee-free experience that means less work for you and better benefits for your employees.

Join us live November 19th at 1pm CT for Paycard Red Flags hosted by Branch CEO Atif Siddiqi. 

He’ll talk about major paycard red flags for your business and why NOW is the time to break up with your current provider.

He’ll also explore with you a new way to pay your employees that’s instant, contactless, easy to set up, and more robust.

Are you ready to make the move? Save your seat (We promise we won’t tell your current paycard provider…)

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Join Branch CEO Atif on Nov. 19th for a webinar on why paycards and traditional payroll practices are things to move on from.
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Webinar: Paycard Red Flags

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