Pay people faster.
Simplify payroll.

Instantly pay employees their wages, tips, and more.
  • Attract + retain more workers
  • Free Financial Wellness offering
  • No pre-funding or capital required

The power of real-time payments.

Ditch paper checks and fee-laden paycards. Switch to instant, digital payments that make life easier for you and your employees. You’ll save time and money by scrapping the old school payment methods—and your company will attract more talent with the #1 benefit job seekers want: faster access to earnings.
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Branch Wallet + Card

Push funds straight to your employees’ Branch Wallet, a digital account that’s ready to use on Day 1. They can save, send, or spend right from their Wallet or by using their physical Branch debit card.
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Earned Wage Access

Allow employees to access up to 50% of their earned wages ahead of payday when needed. No pre-funding or changes to payroll required.
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Cashless Tips + Mileage

Pay employees their daily tips or mileage reimbursements after each shift instead of making them wait two weeks until their next paycheck—or having to tip them out in cash.
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Off-cycle payments

Take the hassle out of sending off-cycle payments like bonuses, rewards, or final paychecks by instantly pushing funds to your employees’ accounts whenever you need.

How it works

Instant pay doesn’t require any changes to your existing payroll process. We work with you to get an estimate of wages earned and let employees access up to 50% of their upcoming paycheck. This service is pre-funded by Branch; all we need from you is time and attendance files and a roster file; we can work with either flat files or API integrations.

How it works

Embed Branch into your application to enable real-time payments to contractors.

Order a stack of Branch Cards to keep on hand.

Hand them out to your employees and you’ll be able to push funds to their account.

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