April 4, 2022

Announcing Branch Rewards: Helping Workers Earn More on Everyday Purchases

April is a big month around here. Not only does the Minnesota weather sometimes start to cooperate, but it’s also Financial Literacy Month. As a company founded on the mission of helping working Americans grow financially, we’re always looking for new features to add that can improve people’s financial wellness. Last year around this time, we launched My.Branch: a content hub packed with free financial tips. This year, we’re happy to announce the launch of our new rewards program.

Branch Rewards are a new feature of the Branch Card that helps workers earn cash back from everyday spending. Most rewards programs are credit card based, but since the Branch Card is a debit card, workers are able to earn cash back from everyday purchases instead of being encouraged to spend on a credit card. Plus, not everyone has a credit card or line of credit, and we don’t feel like that should be a requirement to get rewarded for everyday spending. 

We’re always looking for ways to get more money into people’s hands, and Branch Rewards can help us deliver that benefit to your workforce.

Here’s how Branch Rewards work:

  • Your workers use their Branch Card at participating merchants, ranging from local restaurants to online retailers. 
  • They automatically collect rewards for spending on everyday purchases. 
  • Rewards accumulate and are paid out directly to their Branch Wallet at the end of the month.

Branch Rewards enhance the Branch Wallet & Card experience by offering more ways for users to save money. And most of all, this new offering aligns with our overarching mission of helping working Americans grow financially. 

Anyone that has a Branch account now has access to Branch Rewards. For questions, your workers can go here to learn more.

If your company isn’t signed up with Branch yet, what are you waiting for? Learn more about how Branch can help you deliver faster payments—including on-demand pay, instant contractor payments, or instant tip payouts—and other financial wellness tools to your workforce.

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