1099 Contractor Payments

Pay independent contractors as soon as the job is done
  • Eliminate ACH and other payment fees
  • Provide faster payments and better UX
  • Workers get paid & banked on day one

Fast, seamless 1099 payments

Have independent contractors on your payroll? Need a benefit to attract more gig workers? Deliver payments and digital banking — instantly. Get them fully banked and paid on day one.
Meeting the need for on-demand payments

The growth of the gig economy and the shift away from cash have created a need for faster, more secure payments. Nearly 90 percent of workers are more likely to choose to work on one gig platform over another if they could get paid instantly without fees. Gain a competitive edge by attracting more talent with instant payments and free digital banking.

Flexible & Scalable
From CSV and APIs to embeddable widgets, we have multiple options for getting started.
Faster Pay for All
Offer your workers the competitive benefit of getting paid faster and being fully banked.
Cost Savings
Save money by eliminating ACH costs and other payment fees.

Good for Business –

  • No pre-funding requirements
  • Easy set-up with dedicated customer support and onboarding
  • Start paying workers day one
  • Improve retention rates and build loyalty

Good for Contractors -

  • Instant payments right after each job
  • Secure, fee-free banking
  • Live US-based support
  • Available to 100% of your workers, no credit checks or contracts
The future of 1099 payments is here.

Ready to go beyond the paycheck?

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