June 16, 2021

Case Study: Faster Tip Payouts Lead to Less Management Time and Happier Employees

Claire Davidson
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When you depend on tips to earn a living, how and when you receive those tips matters. For the Hampton Roads Acquisition Holdings company (HRAH LLC), which had 25 Supercuts and Cost Cutters salon locations to consider when choosing a payments technology, faster tip outs to all of their stylists were a top priority as they looked to replace their existing paycard.

As Jerica Smalls, Corporate Director of HR, Finance, and Operations for the company explained, the paycards they had been using were coming up short. They often required additional management and troubleshooting from her team. And the tips often took a long time to post to stylists’ accounts and were frequently incorrect. 

Smalls and her team wanted a solution that would pay people faster and result in less management time for HR. When they turned to Branch, they found a solution that worked for everyone. “Employees now get their tips almost as soon as they’re issued to them,” Smalls said. “Having them happy and knowing they’re receiving their money throughout the day has been great.”

Not only do faster tip payments give employees more financial peace of mind, but they also drive employee satisfaction, helping Smalls and her salons stay competitive and retain more talent. 
To read more about how HRAH saved time and paid their stylists faster, download the full case study here.

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