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November 2, 2017

Shifting Perceptions: A New World of Work

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Increasingly, more and more Americans classify themselves as hourly employees. Because of the current economic climate, many of these workers choose hourly work not by choice, but from necessity. According to data from the Labor Department, 78 million Americans are paid hourly representing a wide variety of disciplines from manufacturing to retail.

Nearly nine years after the Great Recession, many of those in search of hourly work represent America’s youngest swath of the workforce -- more than 70 percent of them are under 30 years of age. But, many older workers -- many of them with post education degrees -- are also joining the ranks of the burgeoning field of shift employees, possibly because many of them are still rebounding from the recent economic crisis and the ongoing retirement savings crisis.

Even as the economy strengthens, wages continue to remain flat, and many Americans are only a few paychecks from financial disaster, many holding little savings to bounce back in an emergency.

Recently, some media organizations have begun to cover stories that are directly related to the hourly workers here in America and beyond. In the last month, The New York Times explored former industrial towns where large swaths of empty warehouses were being converted to distribution facilities fueling the rapid advances in digital commerce. The Times spent time interviewing and speaking to the workers there, putting a face on the workers who drive our increased digital retail spending.

The Washington Post is also writing stories about American hourly workers. They published a long-form story about how an older generation of Americans impacted by recent economic downturns is now turning to shift work to recoup lost retirement earnings.

Perhaps, the biggest factor that may be top of mind to everyone in this sector is automation and drastic changes that will reshape the employment landscape. Rapid developments in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and robotics threaten many of the manual jobs that are common today in industries like manufacturing and the retail industry. The opportunity is in upskilling and leveraging talent for their creative outputs and problem-solving skills that will not quite be exploited (yet) by computers and technology.

These are the stories that are important to tell and at Branch -- they directly relate to our core users.

Today, we’re announcing the launch of a newsletter that will cover all the stories about the future of work as they relate to the industries that matter to us -- everything from manufacturing to retail. Our editorial team will be combing the web to find these stories, as well as writing our own. Every two weeks, we will package our favorites and send them to you in an effort to ensure you’re up to date on the dynamic, ever-changing world of shift work in America and the globe.

Introducing, Shiftonomics.

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Hello! I’m Taylor Pipes from the Branch Messenger content team. I’ll be responsible for leading the efforts of Shiftonomics, curating content with collective input from my fellow colleagues including our founder, engineers, sales, customer success team and more, giving us all a chance to share what we’re hearing from the world of hourly workers.

At Branch Messenger, we’re a passionate team devoted to telling the stories of hourly wage workers from the United States and beyond. We bring decades of experience from the frontlines of retail to the thought leadership of the executive offices of key decision makers in the Fortune 500.

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