Independent Contractor Payments

Simplify how you pay 1099 contractors.
  • Pay out contractors instantly
  • Eliminate the fees + constraints of ACH
  • Automate tax filing and compliance

independent contractor payments

Today's gig workers have more options than ever. Stand out from the competition by offering the #1 benefit workers want: Faster access to wages. Branch offers a free and easy way to instantly pay independent contractors, whether you have 1 on your payroll or thousands.

Meet the need for digital disbursements

The growth of the gig economy has created the need for faster, more secure payments. More than 90 percent of workers associate faster pay with financial peace of mind. Gain a competitive edge and attract talent with instant independent contractor payments.
Branch for Digital Disbursements

Ditch piecemeal solutions and standardize contractor payments

Branch offers a centralized hub to make, manage, and track batch payments to your workers. Push contractor payments at any time—no time constraints, deadlines, or fees.

Automate tax form generation & filing

Branch collects relevant information at the time of onboarding, tracks cumulative contractor earnings through the Branch Wallet, and issues 1099-NEC forms to you and your workers when necessary. Plus, Branch files the forms with federal and state tax authorities through the appropriate methods—whether electronically or via mail.
Flexible & Scalable
From file upload and APIs to embeddable widgets, we have multiple options for how you want to get started.
Faster Pay for All
Offer your workers the competitive benefit of getting paid faster.
Cost Savings
Save money by eliminating ACH costs and other payment fees.
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Find out how faster payments can benefit your company.

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