An Enhanced Loyalty and Payments Experience.

A long-standing industry leader, Uber is always thinking about ways to strengthen their relationship with their drivers and couriers. So when they wanted to launch faster payments and financial services built for drivers and couriers—quickly and at massive scale—they turned to Branch. Branch offers Uber both a proven partner and a scalable, comprehensive payout solution that can be customized to meet their workforce’s unique needs. 

We’re thrilled to introduce the Uber Pro Card powered by Branch, a new business debit card and bank account built for drivers and couriers. Enhancing Uber’s driver loyalty program, the Uber Pro Card engages and supports drivers with financial benefits, discounts, rewards, and other perks.

Banking as a Service– with actual service.

As the trusted partner to handle payments and all that comes with it, Branch takes care of everything from dispute management to driver support. Uber can amplify its loyalty program and deliver a tailored, seamless payments experience to their drivers, without spending excessive time and resources on program building or management. Active Uber drivers and couriers in the US can now sign-up for the Uber Pro Card on the Driver app.

Powering Driver Card, Payments, & Rewards

  • Free, Automatic Payments
    Earnings go directly to the Uber Pro Card after every trip—free of charge.1

    1 Delays can happen due to technical issues, but transfers are expected to happen in 1-5 seconds, on average.

  • Fee-free Digital Wallet
    Backed by a business FDIC bank account from Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC, the Uber Pro Card digital banking wallet allows drivers to track their earnings, transfer money to other bank accounts, earn rewards, and manage savings.
  • Rewards that Build Loyalty
    Branch helps Uber deliver exclusive perks for drivers and couriers, including up to 10% cash back on gas and 12% on EV when drivers pay with their Uber Pro Card. Drivers can not only unlock additional tiers and rewards, but also receive access to other rewards via Mastercard Easy Savings, Upside, Exxonmobil, and other partners.
“The new Uber Pro Card will allow drivers to take home more of what they earn. Drivers and couriers will now have the ability to get more cash back and earnings automatically deposited to their account after each trip - free of charge.”

How to Embed Payments and a Card Program into Your Product

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