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May 25, 2021

Case Study: Contactless Delivery Meets Contactless Tips

One of the most transformational solutions within the EPP is the ability to push digital tips and reimbursements instantly. That gradual move from cash to card went from zero to 60 in March 2020, causing a number of restaurants to suddenly receive over 90 percent of payments by card or contactless payments.

And with delivery often making up the overwhelming majority of sales, this amounted to a huge uptick in the need for tips and mileage reimbursement for delivery drivers. But many locations struggled with a shortage of cash and excess trips to the bank. That's why being able to pay contactless tips to drivers with Branch has been "life changing" and a "game changer" for this Pizza Hut franchise group.

Check out this case study on how Hot Pizzas, a section of Desert de Oro Foods, transitioned their 89 Pizza Hut restaurants and 1,000+ employees from cash tips to digital tips via Branch. You'll learn how area coach Adam Johnson and his team went from running out of cash on a near-weekly basis and making long drives to the bank multiple times a week to getting hours back and being able to focusing on what matters most — his team and customers.

“I feel like [since using Branch] I’ve gained 10 hours a week back into my life. Lifting that burden off my everyday routine of having to try and figure out how much money every store has at a given point—that’s been a huge win. I’m now able to spend more of my time with the team and focus on coaching them to take care of customers. And our manager’s routines have improved as well. They’re not stressed about running out of money and wondering how they’re going to pay their drivers if we run out.”

Download the full case study here.

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