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June 8, 2020

3 Free Ways to Support Your Employees

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Whether your business has been operating throughout the pandemic or you’re looking to re-open soon, you’re still probably wrestling with the same questions. How can I keep my employees and customers safe? How can I keep my business up and running amid new regulations? And the one on everyone’s mind: What will the future look like?We don’t have all the answers. But we’ve been listening to business owners and we know one thing: Adjusting to the new normal requires a delicate balance of trying to boost morale while protecting your bottom line. 

Showing your workforce you value them, for instance, goes beyond deeming them essential workers. It’s true that frontline workers are more essential than ever, but the people who work for you want to be shown that they are valued, not just issued a platitude or a celebratory title. And showing your employees you value them comes down to offering them workplace benefits that matter to them. 

Here are three free ways to support your workers as you navigate the new normal. 

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Pay your people faster

Even before this pandemic, roughly 78% percent of workers were living paycheck to paycheck. COVID-19 has only exacerbated this instability, and people are struggling to keep up with their monthly bills. You can help by giving your employees direct access to their wages instead of requiring them to wait for payday. Not only will this provide crucial relief during a challenging time, but it will incentivize them to keep working for an employer who has their best interest at heart. 

With our Branch Card, your employees can get immediate access to their wages after each shift—and they can start collecting wages their first day on the job. This is at no cost to you or your employees; Branch funds early access to their wages. (Branch Cards are pre-printed debit cards you can order for free and have on hand to give out to new and existing employees.)

Make tips and mileage reimbursement easier

Many people can't afford to wait for tips to be put onto their next paycheck. We've made this easier by allowing you to add tips and mileage reimbursements to your employees’ Branch Cards. This means your employees are able to get tipped out or reimbursed in a safe, cash-free way after each shift. (And you don’t have to worry about having the right amount of change in the till or making a trip to the bank.)

Provide a fee-free banking experience

It's common for people to be intimidated by traditional banks if they can't afford the overdraft fees or minimum balance requirements. So when you give your employees access to Branch, their Branch Card comes with a fee-free checking account. No overdraft fees, no minimum balance requirements, and free ATM access. 

Consumers are paying attention to what businesses are doing in order to keep employees safe and happy. That comes down to showing your employees you care about not just their physical wellbeing, but their financial security, too. Provide your employees faster, safer access to their wages and a fee-free banking experience with Branch. 

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