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August 7, 2020

Simplifying the Reboarding Process for You and Your Employees

Over the past few weeks, more and more states have been reopening, meaning most businesses are slowly resuming operations. Though things are beginning to feel a bit more normal, we know that “business as usual” will look quite a bit different than it did last year. The aspect of reopening that has been widely discussed is, of course, keeping employees and customers safe. It’s crucial to comply with local laws regarding capacity and social distancing. But you also have to consider another element that will impact your business going forward: “reboarding.”

Reboarding Frontline Workers

Since many employees have been furloughed or laid off, when they return to work they technically have to be “rehired.” A rehiring means your employees have to go through their onboarding or orientation process all over again. This is actually a great thing. Reboarding helps you make sure all employee information is up to date, allows you to provide a refresher on company policies (and explain new ones in place due to COVID), and get employees back onto your payroll. 

However, reboarding brings a lot of extra paperwork. Employees may have to sign handbooks, fill out tax information, and set up direct deposit all over again. Even those who don’t have to complete a full reboarding process are likely to have to set up their direct deposit or pay preferences to get themselves back on the clock. Reboarding could quickly become a time-intensive hassle for your company—especially since you need to resume business as soon as possible.

How to Simplify the Reboarding Process

Fortunately, there are ways to simplify the reboarding and payment process. Doing so will not only save you time, but will help your employees financially. After all, many people are coming back to work in an incredibly tough place financially. These employees cannot afford to wait weeks to get paid after returning to work. 

Here are three ways to speed up and simplify the reboarding process to help both you and your employees:

1. Make a “rapid reboarding” plan

Think of ways to streamline your old onboarding process. The employees you’re rehiring already know many things about your company you likely don’t need to reiterate. Focus on the most important changes and outline those in a clear manner: Namely, any procedural shifts since COVID-19. Will employees need to wear masks and gloves for every shift? Communicate the most essential new procedures for safety, while getting rid of any onboarding topics that are non-essential.

2. Go digital—even for tips

If you were using paper checks before the pandemic—or even tipping in cash—now’s the time to switch everything to digital. It will save you countless hours of time, not to mention money—did you know it costs your business roughly $7 dollars for every check you cut? Plus, it allows you to pay your employees faster and get direct deposit set up in a breeze. And when you tip out your employees digitally, you also allow them access to their wages faster than the usual two-week wait on a paper check or direct deposit. Instead, they can get instant, digital access to their tips after each shift. Imagine being able to tell your rehires: We can start paying you day one.

3. Get help with direct deposit

If this sounds overwhelming, remember: You don’t have to make these transitions alone! Find a trusted partner who can assist you with direct deposit. With Branch, you can easily meet employee needs, simplify your reboarding, and get back to business—ultimately saving your organization time and money. With Branch, your employees simply download the app and get their Branch wallet and direct deposit set up on their own. This cuts down the work and time of the reboarding process, as well as limits close, in-person contact. Using Branch allows you to focus on what matters: Getting back up and running safely. 

The reboarding and reopening process does not have to be painful. Use this as a time to focus on connecting back with your employees and helping them understand the new policies and procedures, rather than getting tied down with paperwork and out of date payroll methods. Provide your employees with a faster and safer way to reboard and get them on the path to financial wellness.

No stack of paperwork needed, no extra work for you, and no cost to you or your employees.

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