Financial wellness
for retail workers

Empower your employees with instant access to earned wages + no-fee digital banking.

Stop shopping around for a financial wellness benefit

Earned wage access (EWA) helps employees deal with unexpected expenses by granting them a portion of their wages ahead of payday when they need it. Give your employees the gift of EWA—and watch your company thrive, too:

  • Boost attraction and retention
    Earned wage access can increase retention rates by as much as 37%—and workers are 2x as likely to apply if it’s offered.
    Earned wage access: the most important benefit in a post-COVID-19 world | EBN ›
  • Gain a competitive advantage
    Faster access to wages helps you stand out from the pack when applicants are weighing their options.
  • Change lives without changing payroll
    EWA provides a free benefit to your workers without requiring pre-funding or changes to payroll.
Committed to staying compliant

See why Branch is the responsible, CFPB-vetted choice.

Built-In EWA is just the start

EWA is our bread and butter—but that’s just where we begin. Branch also comes with a free digital wallet and debit card your employees can use on Day 1. And with our real-time payments technology, you can push off-cycle payments to their accounts whenever you like.

  • Digital Spending Ready on Day 1

    Employees get immediate access to a free digital wallet and debit card without overdraft or late fees—helping unbanked or underbanked employees grow financially.
    Learn more ›
  • Direct Deposit options

    Replace paper checks and paycards and switch to a fast and free digital solution.
    Get Branch Card ›
  • Easy Off-cycle Payments

    In addition to EWA, Branch lets you instantly send off-cycle payments to employee accounts such as rewards/bonuses, last day paychecks, or reimbursements for company expenses.
    Learn more about Off-cycle Payments ›
  • Financial Literacy and Budget planning

    Our CashFlow tool gives employees an at-a-glance view of spending and alerts them to upcoming bills, so they’re never caught off guard and can better manage expenses.
    Learn more ›

Set up is fast, easy, and seamless.

Businesses boast about how quick we can get up and running and our dedicated support staff.
Move as fast as you want
We manage the entire implementation process for you and create flexible onboarding plans that can be up and running as soon as you‘re ready.
Best-in-class support
Our fast and responsive U.S.-based support is available whenever you need to help you solve any business challenge, big or small.
Ready to go beyond the paycheck?

See Branch for Retail Stores in action:

ProPoint Solutions

ProPoint Solutions

Our partnership with ProPoint allows customers on SuperSalon Software to instantly pay employees tips after each shift.

Case Study
Navigating the World of Post-Pandemic Payments

Navigating the World of Post-Pandemic Payments

January 23, 2021

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Grocery Industry Pulse Check 2021: Branch x UKG

Grocery Industry Pulse Check 2021: Branch x UKG

January 23, 2021

Workplace Insights

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