September 9, 2021

Celebrating Money Matters National Education Day with MyBranch

Adrianne Ho
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It’s that time of the year again—Money Matters National Education Day! While The American Payroll Association launched National Payroll Week (NPW) 25 years ago to celebrate employees, payroll professionals, and government programs and agencies who power the US payroll system, they’ve dedicated the Thursday of every NPW to promoting financial literacy by teaching paycheck basics to young adults, with thousands of payroll professionals participating each year. 

Financial literacy is critical to economic stability and success, but the financial system entails a range of complex topics, limiting many working Americans of all ages from confidently managing their personal finances. In honor of this year’s Money Matters National Education Day, we’re thrilled to launch MyBranch, a dedicated hub for workers already using or getting started with Branch. Separate from our main website and support center, MyBranch provides user-first content ranging from popular personal finance topics to how-to’s for using the latest Branch features, along with links to frequently asked questions and top support center articles.

According to a recent report from the Milken Institute, the financial literacy gap significantly threatens the prosperity and financial well-being of both young and old individuals in the U.S. But, new tools and technology can play a significant role in advancing financial literacy.  

Since the beginning, Branch has been dedicated to improving the lives of working Americans. With the launch of MyBranch, we’re pleased to offer an additional tool to help our users learn, grow, and feel financially empowered. 

Check out the full site here.

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