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February 11, 2022

Pizza, Wings, Subs: Our Super Case Study Line-up

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that aside from Thanksgiving Day, Americans eat more on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day. Last year, the US consumed 12.5 million pizzas and 1.42 billion wings. That’s a lot of delivery orders being placed.

And with delivery comes plenty of tips. Can you imagine how long it took to pay out tips from that night? But, if you’re one of the restaurants that partners with Branch, tip distribution was faster than a 40 yard dash.

In honor of the busiest food delivery days of the year, we’re sharing an all-star line-up of restaurant groups that partnered with Branch to tackle cash shortages and tip out their drivers and workers with greater ease, speed, and convenience. Check out their playbooks below — 

Pizza Hut Franchisee RMC - One of the largest Pizza Hut franchises in the nation teamed up with Branch to power cashless tips, faster payments, and fee-free financial services.

Domino’s NRV - Read about how this Domino’s franchise passed on paycards and made Branch their number one pick to provide faster digital tips and direct deposits.

Jimmy John’s: Blue Boiler Cats, Fox Companies, and Submasters - Learn about how these JJ’s franchises made a play for cashless tips with Branch—and the time and cost savings they won as a result.

Pizza Hut Franchisee Hot Pizzas - This Pizza Hut group gained back an additional 10 hours per week by moving to Branch. 

If you want to learn more about paying faster, digital tips, schedule a demo here.

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