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December 6, 2018

Introducing Branch Spotlight: A Deep Dive into Instant Pay

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Part of our mobile app, Branch Pay enables hourly employees to access portions of their earned wages before payday. We built Branch Pay to help alleviate hourly employees of financial stress and to provide employers with an employee benefit tool they can use to retain talent. In a world of constant innovation, we feel that too much of it misses the hourly employee.

Check out this fun video to see how it works:


Branch Pay is easy to use. Once employees download the free app from the App Store or Google Play Store, all they need to get access is a current and verified company schedule, their debit card (where they want the withdrawal deposited), and their bank account (so we can make sure they get steady paychecks). The best part for employees is that it's completely FREE for them to withdraw money, up to $150 a day or $500 in a pay period. Along with Pay, employees can use Branch for receiving schedule alerts, picking up additional shifts, and chatting with coworkers… wahoo!



Our mission is to reach the 78 million hourly employees in the US. To help us get there, we’re partnering with companies to roll out Branch Pay to their hourly teams. Implementing Branch Pay across the company requires no integrations, but enables administrative control of the employee experience. Most companies already have employees using it organically (request your company's usage data here) so the partnership is to help make the most of the benefits company-wide. For more information on what inspired Branch Pay, check out the official product launch at Mobile World Congress in Los Angeles, or watch the Branch Pay Webinar with our very own Founder and CEO Atif Siddiqi.

We could not be more excited about how things have started. Across the country, people from all kinds of workplaces have embraced Branch Pay and shared it with their coworkers. We look forward to sharing these stories with you! Check back in the near future for Branch Pay user stories.

In the meantime, visit either the iOS or Android store for more information -- or just to make sure you have enough shifts scheduled this week 😁.

If you have any questions, tips, or tricks, please reach out to tom@branchmessenger.com.


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