January 15, 2019

Just Branch

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Au revoir, Messenger, you’ve served us well.

Taking a little inspiration from Beyoncé and Dunkin’, we’re officially shedding the Messenger and simply going with one moniker: Branch.


We began as a messaging app for hourly workers when we started in 2015, but have changed a lot since then. Launched Pay. Built an AI Scheduler. Moved to Minnesota. Grown from 2 to 50+ employees. The list goes on.

Expanding our scope to address the needs of the hourly workforce and the enterprises who employ them, we realized there was ample opportunity to innovate for hourly workers beyond communication and collaboration. Branch has become a holistic platform, including schedule flexibility, employee self-service, chat, and financial predictability.

Branch sums up what we have and will continue to do: connect the hourly workforce and simplify how things get done at work. We’re excited to move forward as Branch.

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