Faster pay for all of your franchise units

Save time by switching to a streamlined digital platform for instant worker payments.

The perks of faster pay for franchises

With Branch, you can provide instant access to wages, tips, and mileage reimbursements for employees across all your franchise units—a win-win for you and your workforce.

  • Build loyalty
    Boost retention and employee satisfaction by letting workers access their tips and other wages as soon as they've earned them.
  • Save time & money
    Ditch the cost and hassle of paper checks (or constant cash flow monitoring) when you switch to our fast, digital solution.
  • Change lives without changing payroll
    Our franchise employee payment app provides instant payments without requiring administrative hassle from you.
Attract & retain more talent

Faster access to earnings can reduce turnover by up to 15%

Fast & free pay tools

The war for talent is tougher than ever. Our free suite of faster payment tools
helps you win out over the competition—no matter the industry.

  • On-demand pay

    Grant employees access to a portion of their earned wages ahead of time if needed for unexpected expenses.
    Get Earned Wage Access ›
  • Cashless tips & mileage

    Automatically tip out employees (or reimburse them for miles driven) after each shift.
    Instant Cashless Tips ›
  • Direct deposit options

    Replace paper checks and paycards and switch to a fast and free digital solution.
    Get Branch Card ›
  • Easy off-cycle payments

    Take the hassle out of off-cycle payments by instantly sending rewards/bonuses, last day paychecks, or expense reimbursements to employee accounts.
    Learn more about Off-cycle Payments ›
  • Digital Spending Ready on Day 1

    Employees get immediate access to a free digital wallet and debit card without overdraft or late fees—helping unbanked or underbanked employees grow financially.
    Get Branch Card ›

Set up is fast, easy, and seamless.

Businesses boast about how quickly we can get up and running and our dedicated support staff!
Integrated Technology Partners
Move as fast as you want
We manage the entire implementation process for you and create flexible onboarding plans that can be up and running as soon as you‘re ready.
Best-in-class support
Our fast and responsive U.S.-based support is available whenever you need to help you solve any business challenge, big or small.
“Since using Branch, I’ve gained 10 hours of my life back each week. It was so much easier than our managers even anticipated.”
Adam Johnson
Area Coach, Hot Pizzas
Change is Here

The old way of paying people isn't working anymore.

2-week Payday :(
  • The Old Way
  • With Branch
  • Putting tips on their next paycheck
  • Digital tips after each shift
  • Waiting 2 weeks for wages
  • Free earned wage access
  • Time-intensive payroll
  • Fast, streamlined payroll
  • Cash flow management
  • Cashless payments
  • Paper checks and paycards
  • Free digital banking

Branch allows you to push funds to employees instantly:

  • Tips + gratuities
  • Hourly wages
  • Reimbursements (Mileage, expenses, etc.)
  • Last Day / Final Paycheck
  • Rewards + Bonuses
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Hot Pizzas

Hot Pizzas

Hot Pizzas, a large Pizza Hut franchise, selected Branch to provide employees instant, digital tips and mileage reimbursements.

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Hampton Roads Acquisition Holdings

Hampton Roads Acquisition Holdings

HRAH, a Supercuts and Cost Cutters salon franchise group, switched to Branch from a paycard solution to offer faster, digital tips and wages.

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The future of employer-to-employee payments is here.

See Branch for Franchises in action: