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Your Guide to The Next Evolution of the Gig Economy
Learn where the Gig Economy is headed, its implications on work, and how businesses can best prepare for it.
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The Branch Effect: How On-Demand Payments Are Benefiting Businesses and Workers
Discover how on-demand payments are giving businesses the competitive edge they need to succeed in today’s marketplace.
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How to Embed Payments and a Card Program into Your Product
Discover the pros and cons of going with a BaaS platform vs. a payments platform who provides program management.
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Guide to Attracting & Retaining Tipped Workers
4 strategies for delivering the benefits restaurant professionals want most.
Branch Report 2022
Stay ahead of industry trends with the 2022 Branch Report. Download our annual hourly workforce report on the financial, work, and lifestyle interests of today’s workers.
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How Earned Wage Access Is Solving the Hiring Crisis
Learn how EWA can be your secret weapon to attract and retain talent.
Branch x Marqeta 2022 Gig Payments Report
Explore the latest trends in gig payments for 2022. Get the comprehensive report for insights into payment preferences, challenges, and opportunities at Branch Resources.
Books & Guides
Recruit (And Retain) More Talent in Trucking: A Step-by-Step Guide
Uncover the secrets to attraction and retention in trucking—from how to build a bigger pipeline of applicants to creative pay solutions that benefit both your drivers and your bottom line.