Employee financial wellness benefits are changing fast – we’re here to help.

Books & Guides
EWA: A Crucial Benefit for Healthcare Workers
The no-cost way to improve the lives of your staff
Books & Guides
EPP Guide: The Future of Payments
Why the time is now for an EPP, who benefits, and how to get started.
Paycard Red Flags
Join Branch CEO Atif on Nov. 19th for a webinar on why paycards and traditional payroll practices are things to move on from.
Back to School & Childcare for the Hourly Workers
A look at the unique challenges parents who work hourly face this fall.
On-Demand Webinar - Q&A: Branch Card
Learn all about Branch Card, including what it is and how it works with the rest of Branch's financial wellness offerings.
Infographic: COVID-19 Hourly Worker Survey
Branch surveyed 1,000+ hourly workers to better understand how frontline employees are being affected by COVID-19
Books & Guides
The Ultimate Guide To Earned Wage Access (EWA)
Learn more about the modern financial solution that leading enterprises are offering to increase employee financial stability, reduce turnover costs, and attract new talent.
Books & Guides
Envisioning the Future of Hourly Work
The future is here—and it demands we take better care of hourly workers.

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